Principle Message

Principle Message



Dear All,

Shree Dhanvantary International School is an extended family of parents, grandparents and staff of the school interacting at various levels to give our children a platform to explore and excel. We believe every child is genius at something we just need to discover and nurture it.

With its tall building, and array of facilities like laboratories, libraries, sports fields etc we are trying to give a start to our children. Just like we need healthy nourishment for our physical self every day, we need similar input to train our mental being. Gone are the days when knowledge was the be all and end all of all learning. So wise people are not the ones who know a lot of facts, rather those who can think differently and take apt decisions.

Shree Dhanvantary International School facilitates learning by providing a platform to interact with learners at many levels in a congenial environment. Every teacher knows the pupils under their charge and takes utmost care that challenges of the changing world are encountered by them with ease. With happy, sagacious and confident children as our common goal, we embark on our journey with a renewed fervour for this session.

Future of mankind hinges on International cooperation now, more than ever before. And for that it is paramount that we allow our children to develop their inner freedom. Every child should get the opportunity to develop self and that is the first responsibility of Shree Dhanvantary International School. Every child is a winner only some don't know which race to run. The goal of this school is to define that path for them and equip them to use all that they are endowed with.

Shree Dhanvantary International School, envisions a world of laughter and happiness. All the children coming to our portals have the trust of their teachers. They can bask in the warmth of their teacher’s unconditional love and aim to reach the stars. Such, is the commitment we have towards our children, the future decision makers of this magnificent planet.

Mr. Mitesh Rawal



Principal Profile

M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed

Diploma In computer



12 Years in Field In Education


Educating, Empowering, Excelling

The aim of the school is to provide a holistic system of education; based on Indian culture and tradition.

The goal of Shree Dhanvantary International School is to provide opportunities to all our students to develop into confident, competent and global citizen in all four growth areas: Emotional, Social, Intellectual, and Physical


Student development is catalysed across intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic domains.

Student achievement is inspired through the celebration of achievements within the school and community.

Student learning is encouraged through a spirit of enquiry and competition.

Student growth is promoted through the empowerment in school teams, career guidance and counselling.

Student progress is facilitated through a mature and mutually benefitting school-parent relationship.