Co-Curricular Activity & Facility

Music and Dance

“A school without music is like a body without soul”, said the great educator . Dance and Music has always remained inseparable and so we wish to encourage children to pick up both Indian music forms as well as the western songs.

Piano Classes

IVWS has introduced piano classes from August 2013 guidance of renowned pianist and musician. Students are undergoing piano classes on Saturdays. The school has provided them with five grand pianos.

Art and Craft

It gives the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons. Our skilled teachers will provide guidance, direction and opportunity in engaging themselves in a number of fun filled, interesting activities

Playing Kids

Play helps children develop language and reasoning skills, encourages autonomous thinking and problem solving as well as helps improve their ability to focus and control their behavior. Play also aids children to learn discovery and develop verbal and manipulative skills, judgment and reasoning and creativity.